Eiffel Perspective


Eiffel Perspective

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As an architect I cannot stop admiring the elegance of the Eiffel structure. This unusual frame was photographed at a wide angle from underneath the tower. The frame has a longer horizontal ratio of 9:16 with a panoramic feel, making it look particularly striking in larger formats.


Limited Edition gallery prints on archival cotton rag paper, numbered and signed are available in three sizes:


Portfolio signed print:

15 x 24" (~30 x 60 cm) | - open edition


Limited Edition Prints:

24 x 44" (~60 x 110 cm) | limited edition of 15 - available

44 x 75" (~110 x 190 cm) | limited edition of 5 - please inquire

(2" white border - unframed)

Framing options available in Dallas - please inquire

Gallery Prints:
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