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Around the World

Opening Saturday May 6 - from 5:00 to 8:00 PM - Artist Talk at 6:30 PM

Location: Sil Azevedo Gallery at 500 Exposition Ave #104 - Dallas TX 75226

Select pieces from the around the world tour.

Sil Azevedo :: Works -- Artist’s Retrospective, Solo Exhibit

Location: Plano Courtyard Theater Gallery – Plano, TX-- Nov 2013

A collection of works from previous exhibits such as CONTEXT, Reflections and City Life as well as new works from the series Under the Texas Sky and Leaves.

EDEN – Solo Installation

Location: Eden Lounge Gallery -- Dallas, TX – Mar 2013 – May 2014

Concept: Eden is a place of innocence and freedom – a garden where human beings can be and play in purity and bliss. This collection o focuses on individuals interacting as couples and as groups, enjoying the other’s presence and physical attributes. Touch and shapes come together under directional light to form images that capture the elegance of these moments in a celebration of equality and freedom. The pieces were produced through dye transfer onto brushed aluminum.  Light is reflected in different hues and in varying intensity as the viewer moves in relation to each piece, an invitation for the viewer to explore and enjoy.

CONTEXT, in collaboration with Frame Dance Productions

Location: Winter Street Studios Gallery – Houston, TX. – May 2012 - Press: https://goo.gl/NHfkXr

Concept: Two photographers and a filmmaker independently shot a Frame Dance choreographed piece in different settings and styles, according to each artist’s vision. An exhibit was installed at Winter Street Studios Gallery and the dancers came out to perform live mingling with the audience so that the different visual captures were seen in context with the live performance. The viewers were encouraged to capture the event with their phones and cameras and share online as the event took place, adding further dimension to the multi-layered event/exhibit.

Reflections – Solo Exhibit - Artist's Studio -- Dallas, TX -- October 2011

Concept: The photographic medium imposes hard restrictions on the artist. While the photographer has some control of what to show and what not to show (through theme, frame selection and cropping), and how to show it (capture style, editing, lens, angles, etc), she is bound by the technical limitations of photography. Reflective surfaces offer a way out of this creative bind by allowing new angles, multiple viewing planes and optical distortion. This collection of works explores some of these possibilities and presents images primarily in modular squares that in a visual manner “reflect” one another’s themes. The pieces are placed in such a way that the viewer may discover visual possibilities as intended by the artist but also find his own.

Artist As Teacher/Teacher As Artist, Invitational Collective Exhibit

Greenhill Gallery – Dallas, TX – Mar 2011

A collective exhibit of works by Dallas Art Teachers including photography, painting, 2D design, sculpture and ceramics.

City Life – Solo Exhibit

Evidence Gallery :: Dallas, TX -- October 2010

A collection of images photographed in different cities in such as NYC, Chicago, Vegas and Dallas. Several images were photographed in Deep Ellum, a historical urban area of Dallas in constant change with graffiti murals appearing and disappearing in a never ending flow. Often, a photograph may never be taken again, becoming the “permanent” record of the art that was there…

Artist As Teacher/Teacher As Artist Invitational Exhibition

Location: Susan M. Frank Center for the Arts and Humanities – Dallas, TX – Mar 2010

An invitational collective exhibit of works by Dallas Art Teachers including photography, painting, 2D design, sculpture and ceramics.

Three Artists, Three Mediums

Collective Exhibit by Sil Azevedo (photographer), Gary Huntoon (Ceramics), DeeAnn Schulz (painting)

Location: Jonsson Art Gallery – Dallas TX

Photography Collective Invitational

Kettle Art Gallery – Dallas, TX – Dec 2007

Featuring Dallas area photographers and their recent work.