Acropolis Sky


Acropolis Sky

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The heart of any history lover beats faster here: the Acropolis of Athens. The very roots of our Western civilization can be traced to this place. Walking through the ruins one can still hear the voices of the philosophers long ago debating, speaking, teaching and learning. Early morning here is particularly peaceful, as one contemplates the silhouette of the grandiose structures against the Athens sky.


Limited Edition signed gallery print on archival acid free textured cotton rag

Available in sizes:

18 x 24" (~45 x 60 cm) | edition of 50

24 x 36" (~60 x 91 cm) | edition of 25

30x45" (~75 x 114 cm) | edition of 15

40 x 60" (~101 x 152 cm) | edition of 10

(2" white border - unframed)

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