Dubrovnik Boat


Dubrovnik Boat

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Sitting in splendor by the deep blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik contains centuries and centuries of history and wonder. Excavations indicate that there were significant settlements here by the VIII century, possibly earlier. Venturing out of the wall into one of the rock beaches nooks which are found right outside its majestic walls is an experience not to be forgotten. For today's Game of Throne fans, this is King's Landing. Need one say more?


This frame was shot from one of the beaches adjacent to the city wall. As afternoon was coming to a close, the rental boats were being returned and stored. This one was left a little longer. As luck would have it it was made of translucent material which viewed from ground level created quite an effect against the late afternoon sun.


Limited Edition signed gallery print on archival acid free textured cotton rag

Available in sizes:

18 x 24" (~45 x 60 cm) | edition of 50

24 x 36" (~60 x 91 cm) | edition of 25

30x45" (~75 x 114 cm) | edition of 15

40 x 60" (~101 x 152 cm) | edition of 10

(2" white border - unframed)

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