Madrid Graffiti


Madrid Graffiti

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The streets of Madrid are filled with surprise at every corner. Music, art, life! I am a huge fan of street art and could not resist capturing this beautiful graffiti on a bar door. Looking at this photograph, a colleague commented, “what I like about this image is that it could be anywhere.” I love that. A Brazilian singer once wrote “every artist must go where the people are”. Such is the nature of street art -- it does not lock itself into classy buildings where so many don’t ever enter. Rather, it appropriates what is visually public, the walls of our streets, and offers a gift at no cost, often anonymously - and it becomes a part of our collective visual repertoire. This is art in its purest form - the city is its canvas. That the motorcycle was just there waiting to be used as a frame is more than luck: It's Madrid.

Limited edition gallery prints on archival acid free textured cotton rag:

Portfolio Prints:

18 x 24"  (~45 x 60 cm)  |  open edition - available

Limited Edition Prints:

24 x 34" (~60 x 91 cm) | edition of 25 - available

31 x 44" (~78 x 114 cm) | edition of 15 - available

44 x 64" (~110 x 152 cm) | edition of 8 - please inquire

2" white border - unframed - Prices increase as editions sell down. Framed options available - please inquire.

Limited Edition Gallery Prints:
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A custom framed piece from this limited edition is ready and on display at our gallery

Print dimensions >> 31 x 44" (w2" border)

Signed / limited edition 1/15

Framed Dimensions >> 48”x35”

Price: 1,600 (tax and delivery included in DFW)