Phyang Monastery


Phyang Monastery

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Traveling through Ladakh is a unique experience. The exotic combination of Tibetan monasteries and breath taking views of the Himalayas offers unending visual possibilities. The mind remains in a constant state of wonder as one moves from one site to another, or as one simply stops and meditates under the deep mountain sky. Spirituality is in the air.

Phyang Monastery sits majestically at the top of a hill, 17 km from Leh. "It is one of the two monasteries that belong to the Dri-gung-pa sect of Buddhism. Legend has it that Denma Kunga Drakpa laid the foundation stone of this monastery. He pitched his tent on top of the hill and during meditation, saw the protector Achi riding her blue horse. He took this as a sign and built the monastery there. The monastery has a 900-year-old museum housing a vast collection of idols, firearms and weapons, old thangkas, wall paintings and murals of Mahakala. The old temple of Mahakala (the Gomkhang) was built at the time of the foundation of the monastery." (source:

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