Shōsei-en Garden


Shōsei-en Garden

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Japanese Gardens are very special places. Their minimalist aesthetic evoke peace and order in the midst of the chaos of daily life. They are created and maintained with monastic attention to every little detail, that unseen and ever present tone one experiences in Japan daily life. It is all about the ritual.

"Shōsei-en is a garden that belongs to Higashi-Hongan-ji, the big temple of the True Pure Land School of Buddhism just north of Kyoto station. The garden is said to have belonged to the residence of the son of tennō Saga and was built in the early Heian period (794-1185). The pond most likely remained from the original design. The garden we see today, was laid out in 1641 after the shogun Tokugawa donated the land to the Hongan-ji. The garden design was probably realized by the intellectual Ichikawa Jozan and artist, tea master and aristocrat Kobori Enshu." (Source:


Limited Edition gallery prints on archival cotton rag paper, numbered and signed are available in sizes:

18 x 24" (~45 x 60 cm) | edition of 50

24 x 36" (~60 x 91 cm) | edition of 25

31 x 44" (~78 x 110 cm) | edition of 15

40 x 60" (~101 x 152 cm) | edition of 8

(2" white border - unframed)

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