Barcelona Streets 2


Barcelona Streets 2

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The narrow alleys and busy streets of Barcelona form a maze that keeps the feet moving as if perpetually looking for direction. The angular light accentuates the classic beauty of the historic architecture, forming a new set of shapes in chiaroscuro and falls like a mantle over the edifices -- an invitation for the eye to explore and discover. On this frame we see the street lights serving a different purpose as they are not lit. They appear as elegant dark shapes against the building's facade that is lit by the hard direct sunlight.

Limited Edition signed gallery print on archival acid free textured cotton rag

Available in sizes:

18 x 24" (~45 x 60 cm) | edition of 50

24 x 36" (~60 x 91 cm) | edition of 25

30x45" (~75 x 114 cm) | edition of 15

40 x 60" (~101 x 152 cm) | edition of 10

(2" white border - unframed)

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